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This week feels somewhat uncomfortable. I don't really know why... possibly just because the novelty of classes has worn off. That feeling of oh yeah, I actually have to do work has set in. Fun stuff. I've found myself with far more free time than I had last semester, mostly because Graphic Design was an immense time vacuum. I need to find better ways to use that time besides watching the entire first season of Weeds in one day. Wait, what?

I'm having a passionate love affair with The Mountain Goats. I don't know why I haven't paid more attention to their music before, but Oh. My. God. It's brilliant.

Despite this week being a little bizarre, this semester is so much better. I was a little "hormonal" yesterday and found myself depressed for what felt like the first time in a week, maybe more. We adjusted my medication a little bit and it's worked wonders. It's an incredible feeling, to realize that I might actually be getting better and that this semester holds so much potential. I promised myself that I would be better before I go to France and it's actually possible. :)

And now some parting words... food for thought, if you will: Clive Owen may have surpassed Johnny Depp on my (guy) celebrity hotness meter. Just think about it.

Iguana girl FTW!

I'm sitting in the Templeton (student center) Mac computer lab.

In the row in front of me, there is a girl with an iguana just chilling on her back.

What the fuck?

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